HEAVY PARTS at the AGROEXPO 2021 agro-industrial exhibition

Agroindustrial exhibition AGROEXPO 2021 is one of the main agro-industrial events of 2021 in Ukraine

PPF “AGRO-CENTER” will demonstrate its own brand of quality spare parts for agricultural machinery Heavy Parts, which are manufactured in Ukraine and exported to European countries. The Heavy Parts range includes a wide selection of spare parts (about 350 units) for combine harvesters and silos, tillage equipment and drills.

“Today we have a regional network of representative offices and warehouses throughout Ukraine. In addition to the headquarters in Rivne, our key points are located in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Lutsk and Khmelnytsky. This allows us to deliver the necessary components to partners in just a few hours. Another of our defining advantages is that we always have spare parts available. In general, we can find any necessary detail, even if we have to arrange urgent delivery from abroad, “- said Ivan Shevchuk.